PSi Matrix

PRi PR9 Passbook Printer

The PSi PR9 is a new multifunktional passbook printer for banking, public authorities, health care and industrial applications.

For the printing of documents matrix printers are still first choice. Reliability, a long life-cycle, extremely low printing costs and printing copies are the crucial points.

Latest printing technology makes the PR 9 the ideal solution for applications in Doctors’ offices, hospitals, banking, authorities, post offices, telecommunication, travel industry like railway stations/aviation and many more. Here, its most important advantages are:

  • functional design
  • easy handling (double spaced LCD display with 20 columns each)
  • high stability and reliability

Features like auto alignment, auto border and the automatic adjustment according to the printing thickness makes printing of documents with up to 7 copies extremely easy and reliable – no matter where the operator positions the paper. This is an enormous advantage for e.g. counter applications.

the Intelligent

Small Footprint
Easy Handling
24-Needle Flat Bed Printer
Compact and modern Design
High performance printing with up to 570 cps (10 cpi)
Low printing costs, Extremely durable print head
Automatic paper thickness tracing for optimal printing results
Automatic Document edge sensing and alignment
Complies international standards in bank printing.

Available emulations:

Olivetti:PR40, PR50, PR2, PR2E
IBM: PPDS, PPII, PP X24, 9068
EPSON: LQ 1600K, LQ670K

Standard: SER / PAR / USB 2.0
optional: second serial Interface