Size : 65 / 75 / 86 / 94 / 104 inch


  1. Full-metal and rounded corner design of the whole machine shell wire drawing processing of the face frame, anti fingerprint. ultra-thin and ultra-narrow.
  2. Touch technology:
    1. Anti-light interference (direct sunlight is usually used)
    2. Shield-proof true 10-point infrared technology to achieve rapid writing, no delay, no breakpoint, no offset, no dead angle. very fast and accurate, no delay.
    3. Touch algorithm has high degree of optimization, fast response speed and high fluency of demonstration.
  3. Pass EMC test(radiation far below EU standards to ensure green and healthy products)
  4. TV Part
    1. Intelligent TV chips support NTSC,PAL,SECAM,DTMB TV format to be used in worldwide, build in intelligent Android operating system, Optional wireless screen copy(Post video or image from smart phone to TV) through separate 5G WiFi. remote conference, conference check-in, annotation preservation, scanner sharing and other convenient functions.
    2. Touch switching menu (Touch control smart panel can be used in any channel state)
  5. Dual System Design
    1. Plug-in OPS PC (reduce running noise, easy maintenance, build in performance desktop configuration, all for performance only)
    2. Original Built-in Android System(Not Android Box), stand by each other with PC system, completely avoid equipment idle problem.
  6. One-button black screen in front (energy saving, environmental protection, improve the service life of the whole machine), no need to shut down whole machine.
  7. Environmental adaptation (through rigorous testing of 0-40 degrees environmental simulation)
  8. Screen scratch-proof and impact-proof, front 4mm glare-proof tempered glass, more effective protection of TV panel.